Building Cities.

The place of human habitation,
Speckling the globe and especially this nation,
Must combine convenience with appreciation,
To note the situation of the entirety of creation.

Aviary chirps in the trees, in the park,
Lend pleasantry, now listen, hark:
Use lessons of the past,
To build our cities so they will last,
For chipmunks, varmints, and grass,
Arrive long before the steel masts,
Of structures built for commercie and high class.

Steel trees lose all value when they destroy,
All sign of life, and the smiles it employs,
Despite the blinded ploy,
Of those sighted so short,
Whom constantly do purport,
That the economy will not support,
A triple bottom line of sort;
To include the social and ecological view,
So that our days may be increased to many from few,
To leave the figt of creation and coexistence for
generations anew.


Mankind back into Nature.

Man, Integrate, Communicate, Nature.

Society must recognize the freedom it has gained,
As a power once nurtured and recently come of age,
Of the consequences we must now assuage,
To protect the earth and each other from being maimed,
By freedom.

Questions of progress, peace, and war,
Microprocessors, Sadam, Osama, poverty, and more,
Need to be addressed head on,

Instead of eyes closed,
And communication,
Should be the destination,
Of a world of ethics and moral design;
To move in the pious sphere of God with good,
And reestablish our community, and diverse neighborhood;
To care for Paradise,
A place of loveliness and delight;
To form a balanced situation shaped from cuddliness mixed with might,
A shift of our current paradigm could be right,
So I will begin the fight,

To walk the path, freely choose to follow the golden decree,
For nature, humanity, and all to see,
Is the way history, true history, claims it must be;
A decree generally invoked,
But usually limited in scope;
Is often just a screen of smoke,
To hide what might provoke,
A drastic change in our overall approach,
To existence.

One sentence is never enough,
Any many words may delay our way,
But actions are rough,
And motivation is tough;
Yet fear not for others already hear the bell,
And the people of technology picked up the smell,
To create tactics, methods, and devices,
Looking to nature, the past, and the future,
To manage our vices,
And continue the surprise,
The time of now presents the opportunity to rise,
And follow a new course for development,
With our future inextricably intertwined with an entire progress,
Of physics, birds, bees, and hope for less duress and stress.

To endure and initiate,
We no longer need so much debate;
For whom came all this way,
To return home in shame,
With the words of Bobby Knight running through my brain,
I am not here to get my ass beat on Sunday,
Nor Monday, nor any day,
Because if we lose we will all pay,
A price of lost comfort,
Lost happiness,
Lost peoples,
Lost places,
Smells, sights, sounds, touch,
And historical disgrace will be all that remain.

So the past may be responsible,
Or the future might be better equipped,
But look at life today,
Examine the way,
In which forests of rain disappear,
With animals and plants supposedly so near and dear;
It becomes a question of will,
Should we seek to fight the spirits of Nature and God,
Or hope for forgiveness to mend our ways so odd;
That destruction currently follows the path of man,
As he steps from the Paradise, of which he should be the biggest fan,
Is a problem that will not find solution if left no plan,
Therefore, let us please freely choose Paradise,
And the love of God; for is goodly direction not nice?
Do not read this as a preach,
For God to me is far out of reach,
The word itself speaks of nothing more,
Than the connectedness between all things that I adore,
Support of God is only love for the Mother,
The earth, the wind, the stars are all distant brothers,
So smother, and recover, and treat them as a secret lover,
With tidbits of care, and consciousness galore,
The world we may strive to restore.

The approach must obviously change,
But terms as goodly do not properly set the stage,
For goodly is a generally loaded term, at best,
So I will differentiate it now from the rest,
The intention here is to sustain,
The life that does remain,
And the supporting cast of sun, earth, sand, and rain,
To which existence owes its very name.
And this existence to which I now refer with casual affair,
Is not an entity separate from man, but instead it contains all,
Be it the bear, his lair, or your hair; I do not care.
For I do not wish to re-invent the Fall.
So use choice and sight to stay and play,
In this earth garden,
To think of new ways,
That might allow both our wishes and desires,
Without destroying our existence under, what some might term, hellfire.
Yet forget not of existence as a whole,
A smorgasbord of beings from volcano to mole,
And separations of these relations Nature does not kindly treat,
So save yourself,
But do not forget from where you get your meat,
Or where you place your feet, 
Or what allows your heart to beat.

Do I now seem to stray;
Are you asking, “what is the big change”,
What is it that I want us all to find strange?
The problem with the traditional system to which I constantly refer,
Is the disconnectedness and underlying spurn,
That now exists between man and nature;
That system is incorrectly designed to separate,
Two objects inherently codependent and not intended to hate,
For Nature designs objects to exist within niches that coexist,
And natural design would lead to this;
By linking the integrative natural technique with the uniquely human ingenuity,
Systems will arise that promote a general prosperity,
While letting natural law dole out the irregularity,
That governs the direction of life on earth.

That place is here, on Earth,
A planet of great worth,
And even greater girth,
To support our hopes, wishes, and desires,
She inspires,
Despite the lore,
That she will last forevermore.
To Her, we must integrate, help, and love,
to see our Mother Earth rise above,
And give life to the continuous decay
Common, everyday, decay,
That defines life and its mysterious way.

-Adam Larner, 2002




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