Welcome to Strong Electric & Solar, a full service Solar Electric organization.  Your interest in generating renewable energy from the sun is a first-class decision.  As a full service firm, we honor your decision by providing you with the best information and a range of solutions that effectively and aesthetically ‘Solarize’ your home or business.

We practice the triple bottom line focusing on social, economic, and environmental goals. (NEW please see 'A Strong Community' for our non-profit work)

With our California Sun, current State incentives, and standardized technology, now is the time for solar electricity.  We explain every aspect clearly and simply allowing you to make a fair and effective decision.  Strong Electric & Solar believes in helping the community

At Strong Electric & Solar, our methodical analysis of your property allows us to provide a turn-key solution tailored your needs.  In addition to complimentary site visits, system design, and quotations, we rely on a tested methodology to ensure a product of the highest quality.

Step One: Site Visit for Feasability Study & Energy Audit
Step Two: Detailed financial analysis & System Design
Step Three: Permit, CAD Drawings, & Rebate Application
Step Four: Professional Installation & System Testing
Step Five: Inspection
Step Six: Interconnect with Utility

Every solar electric (photovoltaic) array is a unique investment in the independence, financial health, and environmental stability of our community.  Thank you for helping us to build for the future.

1. Save money Today.
2. Protect your family’s health for Tomorrow.
3. Increase your Independence

To start ‘solarizing’ your home or business, call Strong Electric & Solar for your complimentary site analysis. Strong knows solar top to bottom. We will provide design, installation, and management services for your renewable energy project.

To speak with licensed electrician about photovoltaics, call us at (415) 612-7251. 



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